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  • Christi Jorde

Deferred maintenance

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

This is going to seem obvious, but sometimes the simplest thing we can do to improve the quality of our home is take care of it!

Master Bathroom Vanity - years of abuse vs. fresh coat of stain

Is it that bad or is it not cared for?

I will tell you, one of my pet peeves is when I see homes that have completely neglected spaces that really wouldn't be all that bad if they had a little care! I like to think of my home as a living, breathing thing that needs love and attention too. Have you ever been in an abandoned home or one that hasn't been occupied in years? They deteriorate. They need occupancy and care! Our home had A LOT of deferred maintenance (so we found out) and it really has needed some tender loving care over these last couple of years. When I was tempted to rip something out and replace it, I paused and elected to care for it instead. For instance, this counter top. Gross, right? It had years of abuse scarred into the top. It hadn't been re-done in 14+ years and it showed. But this vanity caught my eye when we first looked at the house. It was different and I dig different. I love wood (and lamp - hope you get that joke) and I wanted to bring its life back. The second photo isn't the finished product - I'm still working on the several layers of poly - but man, what a difference. I didn't even know the wood was that pretty! Talk about game changer in this space. I seriously debated replacing this top, painting, covering it... but am so glad I didn't. This bathroom reno is finally on its way to being done and I can't wait to show you my progress and finished product!

Moral of the story?

Pump the breaks before you start ripping things out. Especially if you're like 90% of us and are working with a tight budget. Not everything has to be "new", maybe it just needs new life. Think your kitchen sucks? It might. It might also just need a re-arrangement! Yeah, you can re-arrange a kitchen like you do your living room. Not as simplified, but an option nonetheless! Same can be said for many things.

Don't know what to rip out and what to keep? Well, at the sake of sounding like I'm selling myself - um, hello? This is where I come in. Let's do a run through of your home and I'll give you unbiased advice. Take it or leave it - up to you. Or just hang out here and maybe I'll strike a chord one day. If anything, I hope I can make you giggle at least once. I mean, what's a day without laughter?!

p.s. I'm just here typing and killing fruit flies. Will it never end?!?! These things will survive post-apocalypse, I swear.

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