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  • Christi Jorde

Starting is hard to do

Y'all, I am fighting the perfectionist bug. It's my go-to fear mechanism that fools me into thinking that I just have really high standards and I want to do everything right. I do have high standards... but I'm also looking at an unorganized shelf in my office that I just "haven't found the time" to take care of. Why? Because I won't be able to make it perfect? Ugh. Listen, perfectionism is NOT a virtue. Don't fool yourself - I'm over fooling myself, mostly. :) It's a process, alright? Done is better than perfect. Starting is better than never doing anything at all. She says as she sits with her website still unpublished and a to-do list that wraps around her house. Head slap.

Just getting this business going has been a battle in my mind. I'm constantly questioning myself, then I mask it with "tasks" that just HAVE to be completed before I could ever possibly launch! Riiiiight. Here's an example of why this story I've crafted for myself is complete and utter garbage: there is a biz that I just love that is in the process of becoming rather popular. Lots of attention, orders flying in, new products, etc. I jumped on their website recently (this is new for them, they were only on FB) and started reading about their product offerings. Full disclosure: I may have been avoiding real work by perusing the FB. But ok, their website? It was kind of a mess. Not in that they're not trying - they definitely are - it's just that there were errors EVERYWHERE. The career communicator in me was dying... like dying. BUT. It was a good lesson for me. I don't advocate not editing your website, but did it make me want their product any less? Nope. Did it make me feel like they were unprofessional and not good at their craft? Nope. Did I look at it and think - hey, they're working hard and this isn't their priority, their product is. Yup. And by god, they did it - they started. They started before they were probably ready. They started and put their energy and enthusiasm into the thing they love most and let the rest follow.

There is such a powerful message in that. Following your authentic, true selves - the voice inside that's telling you what to do - rather than giving your mind time to catch up and talk you out of it. The mind is there to protect you, but it can be a little overreactive. It wants to stay in its comfy little zone that doesn't introduce unfamiliarity. It doesn't like strangers or new things. But if we want to grow, learn, expand and live the life we dream of - then it's time to start. Just start.

So, here I am. Just starting. I'm taking a giant step over the little perfectionist fear monster that is constantly biting at my ankles and I am moving forward. One foot in front of the other. I know I'm going to screw up. Mistakes are part of the process. Despite that, I'm going to flex my strengths and focus on my talents. This is my joy ride.

My choices will not be fear-based. I am going to have the audacity to be myself and I'm going to figure this out.

With joy & kindness,